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Salon and Spa Treatments

Great services, customized salon and spa treatments for men, women and children, plus professional staff make this the best Delray Beach spa around, and the elegant and modern facility sets apart nSpa even more. A sophisticated and relaxing atmosphere inspires wellness perfectly, carrying you to a personal inner peace with our spa packages in Delray Beach Florida.

The décor and color capture the essence of the surrounding area…bright, sunny and soothing. Brides-to-be can take advantage of special treatments to have them feeling their best on their wedding day. Couples on a quick getaway can also enjoy services with that special someone. nSpa offers a diverse package menu of spa experiences that incorporate beautiful, tranquil settings and ocean-inspired rituals with refined technique, yet setup perfectly for men too!

At nSpa we focus on total well-being and cater to your every need so your renewal is perfectly primed to last well beyond your stay.  Visit our full menu or customize your spa package by clicking on your choice to the right.